Unfortunately this is our new home for the moment. The company we chose for hosting our site was/is a regrettably poor choice on our part(actually a poor choice for anyone). If you hadn't noticed this site was down quite a bit, and the hosting company neglected to bother to explain why or what problems they were having. Now, the "last straw"; our site (as well as others hosted by this company) have been hacked and defaced. The hosting company again failed to answer any questions about this, nor have they responded to any emails sent by us (Cool Runnings Express) or the webmaster in charge of our site. This left us with no other option but to cancel our account with them. Due to legal issues we felt it best not to mention the name of this company. Our experience with them might be unique, but it is doubtful. After a bit of research on the company, it turns out that this is standard fare for them, customers are regularly ignored, and they have an average of 20 hours response time to customer questions/complaints. If we ran our buisness in this manner, we would not even HAVE a buisness. Due to the nature of our buisness (trucking that is) these problems may have gone unoticed, but unlike some companies our webmaster keeps us in the "loop" so to speak. Currently, some of the links do not work, mainly the email links though this should be remedied soon.

A few updates here. Some new links have been added, as well as a browser recommendation for those who are thinking about upgrading Internet Explorer to version 6.0.
There has been alot in the news lately on various sites with regards to security issues and I.E.6, Microsoft claims to be fixing the problems but don't expect them all to be fixed. It seems to have too many problems and not enough benefits to make it worth the time (expect a couple of hours download on dial-up) to upgrade. We recommend using Opera for surfing though. It's fast and pretty light weight in comparison to I.E. or Netscape. Bundled with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) it is around 10MB download, and now it is "free". You'll have to put up with banner ads in the toolbar area, or you can pay $30 to register it. There are 2 versions, one with JRE and one without, unless you know for sure your system has the latest version of JRE, we suggest the version with JRE. Opera won't display the scroll bar coloring that so many sites are using now (the only browser(s) that we know of are IE5.5+ and Konqueror), but speed and security out weigh the trivial nature of the scroll bar coloring. Opera is also multi-platform (MacOS,Linux,etc.).


Why choose an independent owner operator for your loads?

Unlike many large firms, independent owner/operators work harder to achieve customer satisfaction, and adding a more personal touch as well.

Owner/operators must maintain a higher standard for the work they do, after all their reputation is on the line.
It is this reputation of on-time service and dependability that sets one above the others in making the decision of which carrier YOU want to haul your freight.

Safety is another factor. No one wants an unsafe driver, period.



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